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The goal of the summit is to connect, network and celebrate together,

but we also want to facilitate direct investments into startups at the event.


We want as many of the startups as possible to go home with a commitment. At the event, you will be able to connect with over 100 investors, and we already have 3 investors that agreed to invest in

1 of the 24 finalists.


We continue to work on more commitments!


Win Investment


15K investment

Citizenfund invests in social enterprises in Belgium

(convertible note or equity investment, subject to due diligence & member vote)

These investors commit to selecting

1 of 24 finalists to proceed with

negotiations & due diligence.

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15K investment

The Impact Shakers Microfund invests in impact startups with diverse founding teams with an HQ in Europe (incl UK)

(convertible note or equity investment, subject to due diligence & member vote)

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50K investment

Angel investor that invests in startups in Europe

(equity investment, subject to negotiation of t&c & satisfactory due diligence)

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Get Fast Tracked

The next best thing, skip the line and get a chance to pitch to these investors as part of your prize 


Fast Track

1st investor Meeting

Trividend invests risk capital in the social economy in Flanders

Joanna Invests.png

Pitch to 

350 women

Joanna Invests is a community of women that invests in and supports

female entrepreneurs with impact startups in Europe


Fast Track Selection Committee

BeAngels will invite a Belgian / Luxembourg finalist to a coming BeAngels Selection Committee.

More prizes coming soon!

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